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    Guaranteed effect spectacular gloss and protective armor in one! The unusual formula thing that nails are scratch-resistant and hard as a diamond. Top perfectly leveled surface and deeper than any color. Smoothly and quickly spread, giving brilliance of each styling.Dissolved 100% in Remover

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    Metal Manix Russian Gold The warmest shade of classic gold - Metal Manix is perfect for spicing up a toned down manicure. Choose Sugar Effect when you want your gold in a lighter shade or a Paint Gel to create darker hue of warm gold. The perfect solution for New Year's Eve and carnival and during the holiday season.

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    Ideal shape makes the bit is suitable even for beginners. It is designed to remove the cuticle. Check also the performance manicure combined.

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    Swarovski Cristal SS5 Light Turquoise - 50 pieces Alluring and shining rhinestones from Indigo! Indigo Rhinestones bring great quality, durability and strong shine. The greatest selection - over 50 different sizes and colours. Any time is a time to shine.

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