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    Do you sometimes notice during your work that there is a strange residue in your pigment? That's normal! But Indigo mixing tool will help you in making your products their original properties!

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    A professional scissors are among key tools in nail stylist work. Thin, precise blade helps in getting into nooks and crannies but at the same time is safe for nail plate. Indigo scissors provides movement precision when cutting forms, templates and stickers. Classic handle is very comfortable and makes work a lot easier.

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    Dotter Tool It's one of the most all-purpose tools in a nail technician's hand. This tool is perfect for precise application of Swarovski crystals, zirconias, studs, jewellery and other delicate adornments. It's necessary for the creation of NailArt designs - during applying of product and creating effects.

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    Indigo Gel Polish Removal Tool for taking off gel polishes and other manicures: it will take off gel polish manicure in no time! the ceramic end does a quick job and is very gentle for cuticles the tool is completely safe for natural nail plate

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items