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Consistency: super thick

Colour: transparent

Curing time:

UV 3 min

LED 90 sec

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Take your time is a super thick building gel that enables modeling the perfect shape even on the hottest days. Regardless of the temperature (even at 45 degrees Celsius!) its consistency is always the same. We can make amendments as long as we need to so that a perfectly prepared structure is placed under the UV lamp. We can steadily work on the shape, without fear of streaking or spilling
over the cuticles.
Take your time is a beautifully crystalline gel that can be used for creating gel jewellery decorations. It keeps the zircons and other ornaments in place – it can be used instead of a glue. If you like thick gels and you are looking for one that will make your work easier on hot days – this gel was made for you! Take Your Time line is dedicated to Stylists who work in hot climate countries. It’s the most popular gel in Italy, Croatia and Australia. Relax, Take Your Time! Work steadily without any hurry. Indigo will take care of the comfort and quality of your work.

Tip: gel can cause burning sensation under the lamp so it needs to be applied in very thin layers