Indigo - Take Your Time Monomer 250ml

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Take Your Time Monomer 250ml

Dedicated to all beginner stylists. And those having beginner course participants!

Acrylic method is a real art which requires a lot of practice. The initial phase is not easy but it’s worth the effrort so don’t get discouraged easily.If you are temted by the unique Indigo acrylic powders but you have your doubts about the acrylic method.

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Acrylic is an art that requires a lot of exercise. Its beginnings are not easy , but it should be discouraged . If you tempt unique acrylic powders Indigo , but you are not convinced of the methods acrylic - is necessary to test the Indigo Take Your Time monomer . Recepura has been developed to an aspiring stylist able to master the right proportions and liquid: powder. With the Take Your Time monomer formation of the skeleton , prolonging the "beds " and, above all -modelowanie smile line becomes easier. In time , when the stylist become proficient recommend switching to traditional Liquid Nail . For advanced stylists recommend the use of Take Your Time monomer during the summer heat.