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    Apollo - what does it look like? Admittedly divine! An intense and saturated incarnation of blue inspired by the sea near Santorini. Capacity 7ml

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    A professional nail pinch clamp is an essential tool of any nail stylist. The black colour makes it an elegant and handy gadget. It works fantastic with gels and acrylics.

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    The cool beige shade of Golas Mineral Base is a real ideal among the nude shades. The 3in1 formula of the product allows you to perform an express manicure in a natural look variant even in 30 minutes. With two layers, it provides coverage of around 86%.

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    Black Indigo towel - a gadget for lining the hand rest for the client and making her feel more comfortable during a manicure. The towel measures  30 x 49 cm and is made out of 100% cotton in a black shade with Indigo logo embroidered.

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    The absolute must-have for any nail technician. Precise contours, sharp lines and even the smallest detail will be visible with Arte Brillante White After curing under the lamp, there is no dispersion layer – so you'll work quicker. Curing time: LED lamp - 30 seconds UV lamp - 2 minutes

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    Hrabia is a dignified, deep burgundy shade. It attracts with maturity and elegance. He seduces with confidence and knows perfectly well how to make every woman feel special. Would you like to be his lady?

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    Pana Banana A creamy banana dessert, perfect for a warm spring afternoon - and not only. Pana Banana gel polish is a neon pastel yellow shade that will let move your thoughts to a beautiful, sunny place and add optimism to any styling. Capacity 7ml 

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    Rose Gold Caviar from Indigo Wedding Collection is perfect for both everyday manicure as well as beautiful wedding designs. It comes in five different colors: Dark Silver, Silver, Gold, Light Gold and Rose Gold.

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