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    Vitamin C Hybrid and gloss top coat completely dissolve in the Indigo Remover - without filing the outer layers The formula is delicate for the natural plate Medium-thick consistency helps create a smooth application: the polish does not spill over the cuticles, does not shrink under the lamp Gloss top coat with a dazzling shineHardening time UV 2min. LED...

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    Dots Champagne - Impressive Indigo Wedding embelishments! Dots – round, shimmering decorations that are impossible to miss! Dedicated to super shine effect lovers! 2,50gbp / 2 g

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    Black Indigo towel - a gadget for lining the hand rest for the client and making her feel more comfortable during a manicure. The towel measures  30 x 49 cm and is made out of 100% cotton in a black shade with Indigo logo embroidered.

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    Moon Slim File 100/180 -  brand new design of a known and loved  100/180 grit file - a necessary tool of any nail stylist.

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    Rose Water – the sweetest and most girlish nail polish from the Glass collection

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    • This is a luxurious cosmetic that combines peeling and shea butter• Guarantees the immediate effect of intensively nourished skin

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    We do not give up vibrant shades for autumn! Don't Get Crazy is a beautiful, intense shade of blackberry which will highlight your unique personality. Cool purple with a pink addition will compliment muted shades like fashionable grey and with strong shades like lime green! Hardening time UV 2min. LED 30 sec.Capacity 7ml 

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