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    Unicorn dust brush white - a white dust brush in the shape of a charming unicorn. It'll help you to get rid of unnecessary dust and... evoke a smile on the customer's face. The original shape not only makes the brush look charming but is also comfortable to use.

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    Unicorn brush dark blue – a unicorn-shaped dust brush in a dark blue colour with a black mane that fits perfectly in your hand and not only makes nail design easier but also improves mood! 

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    Nail Art Palette – white, made of tempered glass with the logo of the Indigo brand (dimensions: 7.5 x 10 x 0.5 cm). An excellent accessory for safe application of any nail art product (polish, Art Gum Gel, acrylic, gel, etc.) – resistant to damage, easy to clean and extremely practical. Necessary in every salon and recommended for every nail artist, even...

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    Dappen Dish White – this container made of porcelain resistant to the action of monomer and Cleaner is extremely practical in performing acrylic nail designs. Perfectly balanced and stable – you no longer have to worry that it will tip over when you accidentally touch it or immerse a brush inside.

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    Reliable tool which can be used for fancy nail decoration with the new Art Gum Gel. The tip made of special plastic will help you to create an exceptionally precise three-dimensional nail decoration faster than you can imagine.

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    Neat cuticles are a base for any good manicure! With the Indigo cuticle pusher, there is no chance of mistakes! A precise blade will help you clean the cuticle area after it was prepared with e-file. This tool, like no other, will make sure that the cuticles are perfectly filed.

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    Do you sometimes notice during your work that there is a strange residue in your pigment? That's normal! But Indigo mixing tool will help you in making your products their original properties!

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    Applicator for MetalManix Multi Chrome Wondering how to get that perfect mirror effect on your nails? Metal Manix Multi Chrome should be applied on a product without dispersion layer. But with what? Our applicator!

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    Dotter Tool It's one of the most all-purpose tools in a nail technician's hand. This tool is perfect for precise application of Swarovski crystals, zirconias, studs, jewellery and other delicate adornments. It's necessary for the creation of NailArt designs - during applying of product and creating effects.

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    Indigo Gel Polish Removal Tool for taking off gel polishes and other manicures: it will take off gel polish manicure in no time! the ceramic end does a quick job and is very gentle for cuticles the tool is completely safe for natural nail plate

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