Hand Creams

Hand Creams

Indigo creams as well as lotions combine the unique nutritional formulation of active ingredients enriched with wonderful smells.

They have , however, thicker consistency. Just as comprehensively body lotion nourishes the skin , evens out skin tone and makes it supple, firm and smooth . Indigo is the first and so far only company merged so many cosmetic active ingredients and guaranteeing unprecedented quality and effectiveness of the cream.

Nail stylists are well aware how important the proper care of hands and a selection of the best cosmetics. Its beautiful smell cream owes selected fragrances of the perfume lines of Indigo, as well as light, sweet, fruity and aromatic compositions, Christmas smells of spices. Hand cream nourishes and regenerates dry skin. Moisturizes and reduces the feeling of roughness. It provides hands silky soft. In addition, exhibits softening prevent drying of the skin. It absorbs quickly bringing an immediate feeling of comfort.

What makes a nutritional formulation hand creams Indigo?

The extract of horsetail - strengthens nails and increases resistance to fungal infection and bacterial infections.

Shea butter - restores the elasticity of the skin, acts anti-inflammatory and soothes

Sunflower oil - strengthens the epidermal barrier, softens and smoothes the skin, prevents excessive water evaporation from the skin surface. It has anti-, anti-inflammatory, and normalizing.

Panthenol - stimulates cell division, so it acts gojąco and regenerates and improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis, Wax - has nourishing, tones and softens, leaving skin smooth and supple

Vitamin E - it protects against dryness and the weakening of skin elasticity, exerting a protective effect on lipid membranes increases the water binding capacity of the skin.

Hand Creams