Body Butters

Body Butters

BODY BUTTER INDIGO is a revolutionary solution for sensitive and dry skin.

The fully natural shea butter and cocoa butter act as healing balm that intensely regenerates the skin by penetrating its depths . They can be used as lip balm , sunscreen night and day , serum and hair just body lotion. The application also found in the Japanese manicure and a concentrated serum for dry skins.

What you choose - cocoa butter or shea butter?

Shea Butter Indigo - has remarkable regenerative abilities. Because of its natural composition - a combination of acids found in the stratum corneum - it acts as a healing balm. It is an intense compress to the skin, while allowing her to breathe, because it does not clog pores. It stimulates cell activity, increases blood circulation - if it is used regularly, effectively prevents the formation of wrinkles. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, accelerates wound healing. It prevents stretch marks and heal those that arose. It has a natural UV filter. It protects against wind, cold, harsh sun. In addition, it is an excellent serum, hair and lip balm. Perfumed beautiful perfume Indigo. Indigo coconut butter - perfectly absorbed, it penetrates deep into the skin and leaves no greasy film. Protects your skin from moisture loss, especially after a bath or shower. In the case of chafing and skin irritation accelerates regeneration. Perfectly suited as a protective lip gloss and lipstick mouth.

Indigo coconut oil prevents aging. It contains antioxidants delay aging and revitalizing properties make your skin remains smooth, supple and radiant. Great regenerates your skin also during the summer. It protects against harmful UV rays, acts as a compress after sunbathing and after swimming in the sea or the pool.

Body Butters 

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    Peeling Arome 99 - an amazing combination of exfoliating particles with a Shea Butter and an Arome 99 scent! A rich formula which contains 12% Shea butter, 11% coconut oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter will leave your skin smooth like never before and in addition nourished and scented!

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    Shea Bloom Gold butter is wrapped in a captivating fragrance, which is a unique combination of floral notes with black coffee, vanilla and white musk.

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    Do you look for a product that is very versatile and can be used by the whole family? Indigo Coconut Butter is a perfect choice! It’s hard to find something more multi purpose. It’s moisturising, regenerating, anti-aging and has a sun protection. You can use it for your body, face, hair, nails or lips. You definitely should have it in your bathroom and...

    £ 7.50
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items